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A better way to manage everything

All your favorite business collab tools in one place

Freedcamp gives you the tools you need to reduce the amount of time and energy project management takes, regardless of the complexity of the project or the size of your business.

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Управление проектами не должно быть сложным

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Managing the work
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Keeping track of all the fine points of a project can feel like a nearly impossible task.

It can sometimes feel like all your time is spent fiddling around with the details, rather than running your business.

With the right tools, however, it can be a smooth process that practically runs itself.

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Why is it, then, that most project management solutions don't feel like they were designed to make life easier?



They have an interface that’s clunky and time-consuming to work with.


They offer functionality that is too restricted and not at all customizable


They provide lackluster support.
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Project management shouldn't take you away from your business.

Freedcamp helps you stay on track, on deadline, and save time on project management. We help you…


Put your to-dos

in writing so you can stop scrambling and free up time to work deliberately.


Keep project information

like plans and meeting notes, so everyone pulls from the same pool of knowledge.


Экономьте время с помощью шаблонов

Reuse common workflows to not only save time, but reduce error and provide a process everyone can follow.


“Excellent feature set that integrates task, project, and time management apps together very nicely. Handles both internal and external teams/projects and users well. Customizable. Offers many robust functionalities that make it much stronger than you'd first notice.”

Alexandra Kapelos-Peters
Основатель и консультант
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All the mission critical collaboration tools you need to boost productivity

It's hard to work, when you don't have everything you need to work efficiently. It's worse, when you’re just starting out and you want to organize, but everything you try to use hides all the best features behind more expensive tiers.

С Freedcamp вы получаете функции, необходимые для выполнения работы, бесплатно, с неограниченным объемом памяти, пользователями, контролем над разрешениями и без ограничений проекта. Верно. Мы знаем, что, особенно когда вы только начинаете, правильные инструменты могут превратить вашу побочную деятельность в предприятие, поэтому мы предлагаем один из самых надежных бесплатных планов.

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A better way to manage

Такие инструменты, как


Organize all the tasks within your project, assign them, and create deadlines to make sure that everything...


Создайте индивидуальный календарь, чтобы отслеживать все проекты, за которые вы отвечаете (или над которыми работаете). Никогда не теряйте из виду то, что...


Место для асинхронных разговоров, которое не заполняет ваш почтовый ящик. Обсуждения позволяют говорить о деталях вашего проекта, не переходя на звонок...


Store all your Files in Freedcamp with unlimited storage space. Upload, tag, add comments, and manage the...


Track the important moments of all your projects with Milestones. Highlight the critical moments in your projects...

Совместное использование паролей

Built-in password sharing helps you securely manage all the passwords related to your projects. Easily share passwords...

Отслеживание времени

Time tracking doesn’t just give you what you need to track how long tasks are taking you. It also gives you the ability...

And many more...

Все функции

“I asked about an automation feature I needed to maximize my workflow, and they rolled it out across the whole platform not long after! I have tons of experience with SaaS but this is next level.”

Christopher Johnson
Owl Digital Services LLC

Integrate with the tools that drive success.

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Microsoft Office OneDrive
Slack Technologies
Microsoft Office Outlook
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Настраивается в соответствии с вашим бизнесом

Вам не нужно универсальное решение для вашего бизнеса больше, чем обычные сухие завтраки. Freedcamp позволяет настроить рабочее пространство так, чтобы оно лучше отражало то, как вы работаете и как работает ваша команда.

Вы можете настроить такие детали, как:


Work with Kanban, list, table, or Gantt views. Everyone can see projects in the way that helps work most effectively.


Используйте настраиваемые фильтры, которые показывают только релевантную информацию. И выберите стандартный вид календаря или режим крайнего срока.


Choose what projects you (and your team) get notifications from. And set up outside notifications for clients and customers who like to stay in the loop.


Get highly customizable permissions that can allow those outside your team to have access to certain features, but not others.

Create friction-free workflows

With everything you need in one place, you can create easy to manage workflows that reduce the time it takes to organize projects.


Custom templates help you get started quickly


Wiki help you create a living repository of knowledge related to your projects


Храните все ваши файлы непосредственно в Freedcamp с неограниченным хранилищем файлов*

*even on the free plan

workflows workflows

Working in a language other than English?

Возможность работать на вашем родном языке определенно уменьшает трения в рабочем процессе. Freedcamp используется по всему миру и поддерживает множество различных языков, чтобы помочь нашим клиентам.

Freedcamp Translation Guidelines (FTG)

“Freedcamp provides the sweet balance between my learning curve in using the app effectively until go up and running, and all the necessary functionalities, without putting my self too much in configuring all the features with it's bells and whistles.”

Jhody Arya Prabawa
CEO & Founder of NeoSentra Group

Driven/Backed by a small, but dedicated team

Unlike other companies, you’re not dealing with a huge team at Freedcamp. The people you talk to when you reach out to us are, more often than not, the decision makers. This means that when you report a bug or request a custom feature, you’re talking to the people responsible for doing the work, reducing the time it takes to get things done.

All the support you need, when you need it

Our support team is standing by to answer your questions, guide you through the platform, or fix any bugs you find. We’re available 24/7.

All you have to do is reach out.


We Care About Our Customers Experience

“Freedcamp provides a super low entry barrier due to great user experience and ease to use. Its customer support is very fast and efficient. Every time I have a suggestion for improvement I speak directly with the decision makers and get instant responses”

“You guys are fantastic! We were jdiscussing the nature of "Customer Service", and how horrendous our experiences usually are. We thank you for being a shining example of how companies should respond to and treat their customers!”

“Freedcamp is a very intuitive project management platform! I use less than half of all features and, yet, I have everything I need. It is easy to add lists and tasks and but also see the big picture. I like that I can add as many people as I want for a project while having full control of what they can see and do.”

Trusted by 500K+ Clients

Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas
Sun&Ski Sports
Amphenol Andronick
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All from one place

Планируйте несколько проектов, управляйте ими и планируйте их

Get organized and gain complete visibility over all your tasks. Freedcamp puts you in control and gives you a single place to manage all your projects.

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Don't just take our word for it.

Freedcamp's project management software is top-rated by Capterra, CrozDesk, G2, and over 20,000 teams worldwide.

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